There is mounting scientific evidence that using acupuncture for fertility can increase the likelihood of a successful conception. For both women and men, studies have shown that the benefits of acupuncture – from stress relief to hormone balancing – can improve fertility, along with the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

How Acupuncture Can Help

By stimulating blood flow to the ovaries and helping to balance a woman’s endocrine system, acupuncture can encourage thickening of the uterine lining. This ensures healthy cycles of menstruation and ovulation, while reducing stress. As a seldom discussed cause of infertility in women, stress can prevent ovulation by disturbing the delicate systems between one’s brain and reproductive organs.

Stress can also effect the fertility of men, causing low sperm counts related to high cortisol levels. However, using acupuncture to combat this is a safe and relaxing way for men to enhance their role in conception. Other benefits, including cardiovascular health, improved energy levels and general health, can also assist in easing the process.

And for couples utilising IVF, acupuncture can be used before and after treatments to relax the uterus for higher chances of implantation.

What’s Involved in Fertility Related Treatments

If attempts to fall pregnant have been unsuccessful over a long period of time, it may be beneficial to begin weekly sessions of acupuncture for the purpose of increasing fertility. It is recommended during the period of attempting to conceive, prior to fertility treatments, and even throughout the initial weeks of pregnancy, when it can help to reduce back pain and morning sickness.

Typically, the treatment itself will be centre around the lower body when focusing on fertility. Contact us for a free consultation today.